Online Craps History

To begin with, craps is rather intriguing and fascinating gambling game, which can boast of its interesting history. Nowadays, it is possible to play traditional craps and online craps as well. It is obvious that online craps derived from traditional game.

Indeed, there are different theories concerning the game origin. One of them states that there was a gambling game called "Hazard". It was widely spread in England in the Middle Ages. So, there is a presumption that this game developed in craps.

According to another theory craps was invented in Rome. It states that during the conquest of Europe Roman soldiers used to entertain themselves playing the cubes, which were made out of pig's knuckles. This game was played in a similar way to craps. An expression "to roll the bones" is supposed to have appeared at that time.

Moreover, Americans believe that the game was invented in Europe.

How to Play Craps

It should be mentioned that online craps and traditional craps do not differ much from each other. As in every gambling game, players should make a wager before starting to play. At this stage of the game players can choose between "Pass Line" and "Don't Pass Line" bet.

After that, the shooter begins the first round of the game. Actually, the shooter is a person, who throws the dice first. There are 3 possible variants:

  • If he gets a 7 or 11, all the players, who have put "Pass Line" bet, win. This gambling situation is usually called natural.
  • If the shooter rolls what is called craps (2, 3 or 12), he loses. And another player becomes the shooter.
  • If the shooter hits any other number (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10), it means that this number becomes the so-called point. Afterwards, the shooter has to hit the point one more time. In this case he wins. If a 7 appears before the point number, he loses.

It is necessary to say that there are many other bets in craps. They are odds bet, big 6 bet, big 8 bet, aces bet, twelve bet, any 7 bet, any 11 bet and any craps bet. If you want to get to know how to put them correctly, read about craps tips.