Roulette Variations

Basic rules:

Fundamentally, this simply mean that the game depends on the solitary zero wheel, while all betting is done according to the usual roulette game. However, there is a progressive jackpot within this version, which is considered like an added bonus. As a fact, Roulette is all about players making the lowest amount for the table. The betting can take place according to the plan of the table.

The player tries to make the best guess, that where the ball is going to land on the wheel. The game is played by taking account of a guess. Therefore if we can guess perfectly, we are the winner. When we are betting, special bets are attached to certain numbers called inside bets. While general bets are called outside bets.

The bests are placed according to color, even or odd, large or small numbers. However, inside bets are won with difficulty and the payout of such bets is high. As a fact, outside wages are made even, which means that they pay in 1:1 ratio, while some bets having greater risk pay at 1:2 ratios.

Inside Bets:

  • Straight bets - it is a bet made on a single number, it pays 35:1.
  • Split bets - bets made on two numbers, it pays 17:1
  • Street bets - the bets which are made on one row, it pays 11:1.
  • Corner bets - the bets made on junction of 4 numbers, it pays 8:1
  • Line bets - it is a bet which consists of 6 numbers, while it pays 5:1

Outside bets:

  • Red/Black bets - bets which are made on color specific spin pays at 1:1
  • Odd/Even bets - bets which are made on even or odd number pay at 1:1
  • High/Low bets - bets which are made on either "1-18" or "19-36" numbers on the wheel pays at 1:1
  • Dozen bets - bets placed on any of the three dozen numbers like "1-12", "13-24", and "25-36" pay at 2:1
  • Column bets - are bets which are placed in the spaces situated at the base of all of the three columns pay 2:1
  • Zero bets - are bets which are placed on the zero digit and pays 35:1

This version of roulette for Filipino players varies from the typical European game. However, this version presents the progressive jackpot other than the essential bets. A player in order to win a place an extra bet called side bet hooked on the jackpot. The bet is in the contest with the bet placed by the player making the spin. If the player, scores five consecutive wins, he or she win the jackpot.

This simply means that a single player can be lucky enough to win all the bets. However, the player playing Royale Roulette can also be the victor of the progressive jackpot by making an inside or outside bet. As a matter of fact, the number has to appear at least 5 times consecutively.