User agreement

The Rules

  • If, as you play at the, you end up winning a sum worthy of general publicity (as stated by the management of the casino), you agree to be available for the events that the will arrange for it.
  • You agree to follow every rule given by the This would include any periodical revision that might come up. You also specifically agree to follow the eligibility rules.
  • You agree not to reuse, open or use a account, nor take part at the, nor take any prize without fully understanding, agreeing to be linked to, and following all the rules given or periodically revised on the website.
  • You agree to review the rules given on the website every month. You warrant that no prohibitions or any other legal restrictions exists against your participation in your jurisdiction for the You accept that it is your own responsibility to make sure that online gaming actually is legal within your own jurisdiction.
  • You are an "adult" of legal age, as defined legally and as accepted in your jurisdiction.
  • You do not find our software, website, promotions and other material obscene, objectionable, offensive or indecent in any way.
  • You will not let anybody else use your account(s), nor let anybody else use our software, nor let anybody else accept prizes from this casino. Most of all, you will not let a minor access any of the aforementioned things.
  • You understand and accept that no betting or deposit is actually needed to use or get our software.
  • You indemnify the, along with its directors, employees, officers, and any other affiliated or associated organizations and people against any costs, damages, expenses and liabilities that might come about from your transactions at the

Possible Player Transactions

  • Website use, re-use or entry.
  • The re-use or mere use of materials found at the website.
  • Casino server use, re-use or entry.
  • participation.
  • Casino prize acceptance.
  • The re-use or mere use of the software at the, whether received by various means or downloaded straight from the site.